Patterns’ Bottomless Brunch colours away the hangover blues

patterns bottomless brunch

Okay I’ll say it: we’ve reached peak millennial. I think if you counted, you’d probably find more venues in Brighton & Hove serve brunch than dinner, our obsession with any combination of avocado and eggs being at an all time high. Heck, I’ve managed to make a whole Instagram account about it.

patterns bottomless brunch

However, if you think this signals a fatigue for fancy breakfasts you’d be vastly mistaken. In fact, this summer there’s a new brunch in town – and it’s got something a little different going on.

Patterns’ Bottomless Brunch not only offers two hours of unlimited mimosas, Prosecco or Bloody Maries, but also something they like to call “art therapy”. This means that while you’re treating your recovering body to some good old hair of the dog and a decent brekkie, you can also stave away any hangover blues by doing some colouring in. And yes, I can confirm – to the joy of creatives the world over – all of the pens work.

patterns bottomless brunch

The menu’s short and simple – three options comprising supremely pimped Eggs Benny, Avo Toast and Heirloom Tomatoes – and to be honest it’s all the variety you need. Lucky Beach, who Patterns are collaborating with for this vibrant breakfast offering, have crammed as much flavour as possible into their (admittedly also very Insta-worthy) dishes.

The plates also go perfectly with Patterns’ breakfast cocktails, although – tempting as it may be – it’s wise not to go too ham on these during your two hour limit at the venue. Day drinking is one of those things that always seems like great fun at the time, until you’re suddenly 10 cocktails down and dancing your way to the sea sans shoes before it’s even hit 3pm. Take it from me – you’ll want to hold yourself back a little.

patterns bottomless brunch

If you do manage some self-restraint you’ll notice that, in true Patterns style, there’s plenty of good vibes at this bottomless brunch, with great music playing and the terrace open for all. Added bonus? There’s just about enough time to finish colouring in your masterpiece too. And let’s be honest… On a quiet, hungover Saturday, that’s probably about as productive as you’ll feel like being.

Patterns’ Bottomless Brunch is £29pp, and continues every Saturday for the rest of the summer. For more info, visit Patterns Brighton.


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