Gin Journey arrives in Brighton: here’s what to expect

Gin Journey arrives in Brighton: here’s what to expect

After launching successful tours across five cities globally, Gin Journey has finally arrived in Brighton – much to the delight of the city’s gin lovers.

Mother’s Ruin has been my drink of choice for a good few years now, so imagine my excitement to have been invited on a four-hour tour of my home city, drinking and learning about my fave tipple for an entire afternoon. NGL guys, I was pretty bloody ecstatic.

Things got even better when I found out it was going to be hosted by resident cheeky chap Jake Goldstein (who was responsible for this publicity stunt and makes some of the best cocktails in town), so we knew we’d be in for a good time.

The concept of Gin Journey is pretty simple: over four and a half hours, the tour samples five different gins both in five different bars spread out across town, while the Gin Guardian (host) waxes lyrical about each venue and gin as you go.

As the brand ambassador for Foxhole, Jake has loads to say about this brand (it’s one of my faves and┬áit’s locally made from waste grapes from surrounding vineyards – go figure!), though I was equally amazed at just how much he knew about the other brands on the day.

The gins are expertly blended with complementing flavours by the resident mixologists at each bar to create a delicious cocktail at each, while samples of the gins are also offered at each bar, allowing gin lovers to taste the botanicals and flavour notes in each unique gin. It’s a combination that can easily get you a little lightheaded by the time you’ve reached half way, so I recommend a hearty lunch beforehand (though there is opportunity to order small plates at the third venue).

While quite a few of the five venues visited on the day I’d frequented before, there were still a couple of new discoveries for this seasoned gin glugger, including one bar I’d gladly take on as a new regular in my Top 10 rotation.

I won’t spoil too much more for you dear reader, as I think it’s best you take part in Gin Journey for yourself, but truthfully I think the team behind this particular gin tour have absolutely nailed it in terms of getting sloshed the (sort of) civilised way. There’s also food, and quizzes and prizes available throughout the day to keep things exciting (as if you really needed anything else), but as for the rest?

Well, I suppose you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Gin Journey runs every Saturday from 1pm-5.30pm, celebrating the history of gin in Brighton & Hove, and its legacy in five of the city’s best venues. For more info, visit


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