David Nash: 200 Seasons exhibition | Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

david nash 200 seasons exhibition

I’ve been saying for a long time now that the human race needs to rekindle its relationship with nature. Eyes glued to screens, popping pills to fix our ills and ignoring our basic needs wreaks havoc on our general wellbeing, evoking lethargy, despair and ennui – when really half the time our issues can be cured with a bit more exposure to that big flaming ball in the sky, drinking a ton of water and running around like we used to as children.

david nash 200 seasons exhibition

Doesn’t it sound so idyllic? Simpler times, indeed.

Enter David Nash, the Surrey-born sculptor whose contribution to the international Land Art movement over the last 50 years has been wholly inspired by his relationship with rural Wales – in particular Capel Rhiw, his home and studio on the outskirts of the Snowdonia National Park since the start of his career.

A unique collection of sculpture, drawing and film, Nash’s work reflects the lush surroundings of his former chapel home, and plays with ideas of natural shapes, colours and phenomena found in wood, charcoal and plant life.

This winter, Nash brings his most ambitious exhibition, 200 Seasons, to Eastbourne’s Towner Gallery. Spread across Towner’s four major gallery spaces and other public areas, the David Nash 200 Seasons exhibition is an astounding visual representation of 50 years spent in Capel Rhiw, and a major survey of Nash’s career from the late 1960s to the present day.

david nash 200 seasons exhibition

200 Seasons evokes our natural instinct of discovery and tendency for imagination; whether it’s through the nine balls of ash wood that cracked naturally after exposure to moisture, a perfect ring of bluebell seeds stained vividly on to paper, or a charred oak egg covered with burnt-on crosses, something inside wants to understand more of the story when examining these unusual pieces.

It’s this beautiful example of nature being pushed to its very limits that makes 200 Seasons so fascinating. In all, it’s your next Sunday sorted: swap your post-roast telly comatose for the David Nash 200 Seasons exhibition, following it all with a long walk on the Downs. I promise you’ll feel better for it.

The exhibition continues until 2 February 2020, and has been developed in partnership with the National Museum Cardiff.


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