100 days left, and #100happydays at that.

100 days left, and #100happydays at that.

Today, weather in Sydney is great. Fantastic, even, especially since it had been terrible on-and-off for perhaps the past fortnight. On the rare days the sun actually broke the storm clouds, we had been hit with a sticky humidity that only predicts more of what I, as a Brit, came here to escape from: rain.

However, it was on these rainy days I seemed to increase productivity. Sure, I may not leave my horribly wifi-free apartment if I have a rare day off, and instead drink far too much tea (while my chocolate intake also rises through the roof), but I’ve found there is not a better weather for writing. Or, which I had been doing for most of last week, reading.

While trawling through blogs, I came across 100happydays. The general idea is to recognise and post something on social media that makes you happy, every day, for one hundred days. Not a difficult task, right? While I have had some really incredible highs in my trip, there have been a few struggles, and the realisation that I was coming into the last 100 days of it really made me want to cherish the little time I have left. It’s gone so fast, and I figure I would much rather spend the next three-and-a-half months appreciating the little (or big!) things that make me smile and laugh – the things I have worked so hard to achieve – than focusing on the daily hardships of being 12,000 miles away from home.

So, my last 100 days start today. And what better excuse to join in with #100happydays? You should too. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with my #100happydays 🙂

TTFN! xo.


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